Boredom Without Parallel

Where I Am Right Now    2.7.07

Ok I want you to imagine this: I'm sitting in the back row of a room full of long desks, behind which are about half the students that might usually fit. At the front is a teacher's assistant frantically working on a laptop (trying to get the p0werp0int presentation to work), and a professor standing next to a projector. She's talking about the miocene period of the earth's history, about co2 levels, vegitation, and other very dry information. But the information isn't nearly as dry as this professor's delivery of it. Next to me is a young man who has completely given up and is sleeping on the desk next to his laptop. From where I'm sitting I can see two more sleepers.

The professor uploads her presentations before the start of each lecture, and includes no more or less information than is included on those slides. She hardly says a word that isn't typed out in front of me already. I could very well get away with staying away from this class altogether, using the slides and the study guides (also available for me to download whenever I want) to get all the information I need to pass the tests. But here I sit, hoping to somehow become interested in this stuff in some way I couldn't be by just reading it. I want to gouge my eyes out with my pen, just to make the time pass with a little more excitement.

"...we see a shift, and each one of these data points indicates a shift in the tooth enamel of these animals..."

Yes. Thank you. Shut up.

1:41 p.m. - 2007-02-07

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