The Meditative Space

I find myself in a quiet place, or at least craving a quiet place. My photographs lately have all been about the silence one finds in the meditative space. Now that I recognize it, itís interesting to see. I see the way I shoot when I know itís for public consumption. Public consumption is noisy. The photos are visually loud, with color or line creating a feeling of frantic motion or at least of someone staring wide-eyed out into nothing. Public photos are about the stories I tell, not necessarily the stories that are true.

I take that back. My stories are true, but theyíre not all told truly. Theyíre told in a way I believe they will be understood. The truth could never be understood completely. The truth is in the silence. The truth is that I am only really happy when Iím quiet, when Iím feeling in control and aware of my surroundings. When thereís no sudden movements. Thereís a breath in, and a breath out, and the sacred pause between. When itís just me, or just me and you, and no words are needed or wanted. When presence is more than enough.

Palladium Artist's Proof #1  ē  2.28.07

11:30 p.m. - 2007-03-02

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