It's a Beautiful Day

I'm at jh's house...it's her one year anniversary and I'm watching the baby. There is quiet meditative music playing and I decided not to turn it off to watch my movie. Today seems to be asking for quiet meditation. I can hear the music, the air conditioner, the fountain, and the soft soundmaker noises coming out of the baby monitor. Every so often I hear a bird calling from outside. This is heaven. It's funny, with two artists living here you would think the chaos of creation and emotional outpouring would be palpable, but instead the home is always just calm and quiet. Part of that is probably that it's more the way I would have it than where I live now with uncle js. This home just begs to be photographed.

I'm finishing another hat, this one for a.s. I'm finding it difficult to match the yarn from the first hat. It was heaven's yarn, I guess. They don't make too much of it.

I heard someone say today that whining makes everything harder, so I'm trying to just breathe and recognize that my life really is amazing and that the future holds what it holds.

It's a beautiful day.

6:44 p.m. - 2007-03-31

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