Some Office-ey Guy

I was on the el yesterday going from one airport (where I flew in) to the other (where j.w. flew in), and some office-ey guy got on in his suit pants and tie, talking away very loudly on his cell phone. He sat right next to me, of course, and now I know more than I ever wanted to about the politics at his job. After he got off the phone he gave a loud sigh that said "I really want to vent to someone please" and I looked steadily out the window. He sighed again. I admired the Chicago skyline. He said outloud (very loud) "Man I hate work!" to no one in particular, and everyone ignored him. He got off soon after.

I know it's important, in our consumer-driven capitalist society, that someone work in the office. We need suit and tie guys who yell into their very expensive phones. But if you hate it, is it such a scary thing to actually do some thinking and feeling and figure out if something else might make you a little happier? Why is it such a scary thing right now to "find yourself"? At least a little? If you're so unhappy at your job that you need to involve the innocent people on public transit...maybe it's time to take part in a little introspection.

9:53 a.m. - 2007-05-11

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