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It's like an explosion. Before I even walked into the building I saw a friend of mine and her Improv Jazz/Spoken Word group on the side of the building. I walked back and she said they were just closing up but would sing one more song for me. I was the only person standing out there (the thing closes this weekend). She sang a song about me and my holga, and warned everyone that fucking with me is silly...I've got a holga. I'm a star.

Inside the place is overwhelming, and I couldn't take it all in. I'm going back tomorrow with a camera to see what I can see, but it's absolutely unbelievable. Spray paint and acrylic and installations bleeding from one room to the next. There's one space in the back filled with workboots suspended from the ceiling with fishing wire, swaying with the air current of people walking by. There were two rooms without paint on the walls; one artist had broken out the ceiling and filled his space with dirt and newly planted grass. It was like walking into a cool breeze.

This sort of thing needs to happen more often. People need to make art.

Shall we?

9:29 p.m. - 2007-05-25

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