Feeling Bloated

I'm addicted. There are twelve-step programs, but as an introverted food addict, I don't think a meeting with a group will be much help. It's been really bad lately, especially since I moved in with my uncle, and now every time I head home I mistake the dread of heading home with the urge for ice cream. Ah, sweet cold comfort! So I have to either make home a place I don't dread, or just not go home if I can help it.

To be happy at home, it would have to be the sort of place I want to be...clean and quiet and mine. With no one else there. And no one else's stuff there. Which...well...isn't really an option. I can make it clean and quiet, but I'll have to get over the fear (so much fear! so much dread!) of the other.

To stay away, I would have to find some sort of interesting thing to keep me away. Difficult. I'm much better at being alone if I have something like television to distract me, and to just be alone at the park with my thoughs? Um...

Bleh. Until I figure this out (or move) I'm just going to keep eating myself into a size 28.

11:42 a.m. - 2007-06-01

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