Why am I so hungry?

I wanted you here for this.    7.16.07

I want it all. I want to fill myself up with everything, have my hands in and on everything, control everything.


I want to contain the world.

This is why I photograph. To put it all into perfect little boxes I can stack and frame (into more perfect little boxes).

I want to eat everything up, and when I feel full, eat it all again. There isn't enough food in the world, because my container is vast and unbounded, everything that enters it disappears.

Nothing can satisfy.

I need it. I need it to be mine unequivocally. I need it to not question why.

I need it so I can tell it what to think of me.

So I can make it stop hurting me.

The Night Sky    7.16.07

Funny thing is...in my quest to contain everything, I seem to have become unable to contain my self.

2:04 p.m. - 2007-07-18

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