I like small spaces. They're easier to keep clean, and I know where everything is. I also like them because I have a problem with closed doors to empty rooms. When it comes time (and it will), there will be rooms in my house that no one goes into but me. They will sit empty (except for things, of course) until I walk into them. The darkroom I will eventually have, for example.

The door to the darkroom will have to be shut, to keep out the dust and cat hair and such. And each time I walk into the house, I'll check the room. Even though I know it's empty, I'll check. Because there's a little part of me that's still afraid of the boogie man.

And it's a good thing, too, that I like my spaces small. My price range for rent dictates that I live in a studio apartment with a kitchen in a closet. I mean, I haven't found one yet, but what's out there is pretty dang tiny. I did look at a place the other day that's a little larger, and is a corner apartment, but the guy living there still hasn't decided if he's moving out.

Everyone please send moving vibes his way. :)

8:41 p.m. - 2007-09-21

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