Watching the Lord of...

It's almost nine. I'm here at my friendly neighborhood corner coffee shop trolling around the internet, and in a minute I'm going home to watch that Tolkien movie. But first I'm going to try to figure out if that guy is writing about me. I mean, what's not to write about? I'm viciously attractive and you can feel the charisma oozing off of me from across the room. He can't help but write about me. And about the way I turn my toes in like a three year-old when I'm not thinking about it.

My chai has become an inch of ice I keep noisily sucking through a straw. It's my payment for the free internet, which is why I don't come here every day. $3.50 per day for internet is silly. I mean, if you think about it, and do some basic math (something I avoid if at all possible), you'll realize that $3.50/day for a month is over a hundred dollars and come on, I can't afford a hundred bucks a month for internet service. Even internet service that comes with way to many people shoved into a coffee shop reading over your shoulder. I guess it keeps me off the porn sites.

The job I'm doing is temporary, and the project is nearing completion. Maybe two more weeks. I keep bugging them to figure out if they're going to hire me or not, but apparently the people who decide these things are less than willing to pay the finder's fee to my agency. They're hoping my boss will just forget how great I am and how well I fit into the environment there, and hire someone else. Then they won't have to pay the fee! These are geniuses. First, because any fee isn't enough for the privilege of working with the fabulousness that is me. Second, they're paying me AND the agency at this point, and my boss is going to hang onto me as long as she can, which means they're shelling out A LOT more than my eventual salary would be. Third,

Wait. Wow.

Some girl just walked by with the most unnatural breast augmentation I've ever seen. Either that or a very bad bra. Very bad.

Where was I?

Oh that's right. I'm going home to watch me some hot middle earth elves.

8:48 p.m. - 2007-11-02

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