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People think they're hiding the truth. It's a natural part of being a human person in this age of whatever the hell it's the age of. We think we're such secret beings, that no one can see our lives written on our faces and in our movements and moments. But if someone takes the time to really look...they'd see the secrets we don't even know we have.

She once said that I draw people's souls from them for the photo, and then "you kindly and tidily hand it back to them." But I'm really just on a hunt for my own truth. I want to find it in your eyes, or the curve of your neck, or the way your mouth speaks without moving. I want you to tell me my own truth. So of course I'm kind and tidy...I'm not just dealing with your soul...

That's what I photograph in her. Some feeling of kindred, maybe. We've lived different lives, and are of course vastly different people...but there's something...something that very few people are willing to show. And it's not that she's so very much like me, it's that she's trusted me with her face...the real one, the blank honest goddess face. I see people, they'll show you if you look. But they won't let you photograph it. She trusts me with the secrets she doesn't know yet.

She doesn't believe she's beautiful. She thinks all those bad things about herself that the rest of us do. But she lets me photograph her anyway.

She lets me take her truth and express my own through it.


Because I'm a big chicken who happens to be good with a camera and gentle with people.

8:45 p.m. - 2007-11-16

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