Ramble, Ramble...

Oh, it's so cold. The snow is that sort of float-ey stuff that seems to be too distracted to make it to the ground. And it's cold. Good, so very good to be home.

They say you can't go home again, and they're right. I was expecting a thrill at the first sight of the mountains, and excitement as we touched down, but I was having none of it. There was a vague feeling of "yeah, well, I've already seen this all" mixed with "do I really need to spend this much time with my family?" It's good to be back in my own world, with my own routine. Next year I'm going to Florida instead.

Just before I left my faithful air mattress lost its battle and stopped holding air. I had planned on buying one and bringing it back, but forgot. So I spent last night on the floor. The actual floor. And now I have a headache. Good thing this is a big city where shops are open on major holidays...I'm going to buy a new one in just a minute. I can't quite afford a new bed, and it'll be useful for guests, so it's a justifiable expense. (Says the girl, as if she actually needed a justification to spend money)

I've decided to stay in my apartment for the rest of my lease (october), so I'll be going forward with the plans I've had for the place. New bed, new counter for the kitchen, possibly new cabinets. Definitely going to put stuff on the wall. The plan was to start looking for a new place as soon as I got back, but I was just so damn glad to see my tiny little apartment...might as well stick it out.

Oh yeah...happy new year.


3:58 p.m. - 2008-01-01

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