250 Square Feet

I want to be planted. I was in the shower a few minutes ago, thinking about how nice it would be to just rip out the tiles and redo it, extending them up high enough to prevent the water from getting on the walls and window. And then how much I would like to redo the sink and replace the toilet, and maybe build in more storage than that pathetic little shelf behind the door.

In 2007 some incredible things happened to me. I received a BFA, was shown in five juried shows, was granted my first ever credit card, finished four years of intense talk therapy, moved across the country and found a fantastic job. Now, I want to be planted. I want a place to do the things I expect to do this year. I expect to take care of business. The business of being me, a working artist.

This apartment gives me the space to do what I need. The kitchen is big enough and light-tight enough to build a small darkroom into and, well, that's all i want. A place to sleep and a place to develop and print photographs. Yesterday I found a supplier for what I need...now I just have to build a place for it. Anything else is just a distraction, and well, a bad bathroom is definitely a distraction. Not enough storage, worrying about mildew and mold, a toilet that doesn't work well...all require time and energy to take care of.

A weekend or two replacing the tiles and putting up storage would be much easier for me to handle than having to worry about mold and clean the thing every day or two. I just need to get the money together and convince my landlord. Because I don't want to move. I like it here. My little 250 sq. feet of paradise.

6:26 p.m. - 2008-01-06

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