My New Box

I've been trying to hunt down something to put my feet up on when I'm sitting in my lonely orange chair. I used to put them up on the plastic tub with all the photos in it, but then I had to transfer the photos to my suitcase and start putting Dorian's food in it, so the ants wouldn't get it. So far that's working, but no more foot thing for me. So today I went to the local import store determined to find something that would work. Sadly, they didn't have any footstools, or poufs, or ottomans, or anything in my price range (or even that I really liked), so I was just wandering around the store with a sad look on my face. I walked through the kitchen section, and saw some good-sized bamboo boxes, I think for, well, something in the kitchen (duh). They were next to all the silverware organizers. So I picked one up and knocked on it with my knuckles. Seemed sturdy enough. So I put it on the floor and pressed on it, and figured it would hold my feet just fine. It was a little short though, and if I turned it on its side it would be too skinny, so I bought two and walked home doing very complicated engineering in my head. Got home and put them in front of me, and stared at them for a good long while. Still with the engineering chatter in my head. I figured all I needed was to hold them together tightly, but I didn't want to put tape on the really lovely bamboo, so it had to be some sort of fabric, maybe tied around it or something. Maybe rope, except I didn't have enough on hand. So I grabbed a bright orange dishcloth and ripped it to shreds, and tied the pieces through the handles, and now it's tight as a drum. Although I'm sure now some spider will make its home inside.

Do It Yourself


On a totally unrelated note: I've decided I need a man who doesn't like ties, because I don't like dresses and I need someone who understands that whole "socially required because of my sex" thing.

8:07 p.m. - 2008-03-01

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