So, it's been a while. Sorry. Many excuses for not writing (luckily none of them involve farm animals or broken hands or anything) but none of them are good enough. I guess I was just waiting for better access to the internet, because I certainly can't update from work. The brand new dsl wireless router showed up and everything was supposed to be up and running today, but I wasn't listening closely enough when the customer service people didn't tell me anything I needed to know, and I'll have to wait until next Wednesday. So here I sit (again. sigh.) at the cafe drinking some sort of pineapple drink. To celebrate the 50 degree temperatures we had today.

Also new is that I went ahead and paid up on my SUPERGOLD! membership, so you all can go right ahead and start leaving comments again. Please. I feel so alone.

I can't decide which is making me more irritable, the whole "why didn't you tell me what I needed to do" anger at the internet company, or feeling like a failure because of an email I received today. I'm supposed to be on this committee, see, at church. Compassionate service, is what it's called. What it means is that I have to, like, call people and talk to them, and ask them what they need and stuff. This is not fun for me, for a few reasons. First, I don't like doing that, with the talking to people I don't know and offering them what basically amounts to charity. Second, I'm no good with follow-through. Especially with people. But really with everything. I do it if I think of it, but if it's something I don't want to do for whatever reason, I'll just think up a genius excuse to avoid it for just one more day. Okay, it doesn't actually need to be all that genius. It's like I'm five, or something.

I was emailed a few weeks ago about a woman who'd had surgery on her knee, and I was supposed to call her and find out if she needed our help. I put it off, and put it off, while this poor woman struggled. I got another email, asking me if I'd done it and what I'd found out, which I didn't respond to. Then today, I get an email addressed to the entire group, saying this woman really needs our help and can someone please go over and make dinner for her family RIGHT NOW, and can we set up meals and cleaning for her for the next few weeks?


The person in the corner wishing she were invisible? That would be me.

8:02 p.m. - 2008-03-14

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