I Can't Look At You Any More


Earlier today, someone strapped a bomb to an eight year old girl and sent her over to a group of soldiers. And then blew her up.


A soldier in the national guard was at a checkpoint in Iraq, and a little girl wearing a parka (in July, in the desert) started walking towards them, sobbing. a translator shouted to her and asked her what was wrong-- she replied "they said they'd kill my kitty if i don't give you a hug." The guys knew what was up, and so he had to shoot her. and sure enough-- there was a bomb strapped to her chest.


A soldier recently had to shoot a little 6 year old boy who was throwing grenades at him and his troop. He said he couldn't sleep for weeks afterwards.


A blogger's cousin was in the Navy during the Vietnam era, and one of his jobs when his ship was in port was to prevent kids from running onto the vessel. He said that it was common to see a mother hand a kid a grenade and send the kid onto the ship with instructions to pull the pin and hand it to someone.
Lots of kids died, and there were quite a few deaths of U.S. military personnel until they recognized this threat and prevented the kids from getting on board. Her cousin said he was instructed to shoot any kid who tried to get on the ship. He said they found grenades or some other kind of explosive device on almost all of the kids that he shot.
This whole thing ate at him and he got out of that job as quickly as he could, but it eventually killed him. He was pushing 50 and had been back in the U.S. for decades, but couldn't get over it and committed suicide.

War is still hell, folks. And just because we don't see photographs on the evening news showing the blasted-apart bits of innocent men, women, and children doesn't mean we're somehow fighting a cleaner war. It's disgusting and offensive. And I feel totally powerless against it.

9:01 p.m. - 2008-05-14

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