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I think part of the problem with updating this diary is the way I've got my computer set up. It's on my desk, but I don't have a comfortable chair, so I drag my armchair over. It's comfortable for watching video (all hail hulu!) but not so great for typing. The computer ends up being about chest height, which makes it difficult with the added benefit of making me look ridiculous.

I watch a lot of video online. I'll work my way through a season of some show, stopping only to go to work or to sleep a few hours. Last weekend I didn't leave my apartment except for a grocery run, during which I kept squinting and ducking into the shadows while randomly hissing at strangers. I'm starting to narrate my life as if it's a television drama, but I think I need better writers. Must find a better job. Can't afford the writer's union fees.

Making matters worse is the D.avid S.edaris book on tape I've been listening to on the trip to work and back. Four solid hours of witty tragedy. It's enough to drive a woman to phrases like "it's enough to drive a woman". Which of course makes me giggle.

8:56 p.m. - 2008-07-14

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