Little Bird

I have a profile on an artist community website, and each day a few images are chosen from suggestions and posted in a group. They're in a special section and they get a lot of attention. I get a notice each time one of my images is commented on or marked as a favored image, so when I woke up this morning with many more notices than usual, I knew one of my photographs had been posted in this group. Since my images are generally kind of quirky they don't get around, but this one seems to have touched a lot of people, and received many marks and comments.

The image is of a friend of mine with her baby girl. When the baby was born, she fell quickly ill, and remained in the hospital for six months. It was a horrific time for both her and her parents. She's one tough little bird, though, strong and smart like her mother. One of the comments reads:

"The child looks sad, and at the same time it's like [s]he's older than [s]he should ever have to be. Like [s]he's seen everything and wished that [s]he could return to being an innocent child again. Children hold more wisdom than we are willing to given them credit for. It's a wonderful image, of both mother and child."

I love it when an image says exactly what I want it to.

Palladium    2007

10:07 p.m. - 2008-08-25

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