Apartment Hunt

I hate complaining about my apartment, but I just seem to keep doing it. The cockroaches, the bad-response maintenance, the carpet, being on the ground floor, it's all very irritating and makes it difficult to keep my mouth shut. The saving grace of this place is the neighborhood, which is young and clean and active, near the beach and has lots and lots of restaurants and shops and activities, but I think it's time to move. If I don't move, my rent will be raised, and then I'll be paying even more for an apartment I don't like, and that's just silly.

I looked at the first potential replacement apartment today. It has hardwood floors, is on the third floor (high enough to make me feel better, low enough to keep the cat entertained), is larger, has a seal-off-able kitchen so I can do darkroom work...It's generally very nice. I'm going to take video of apartments I like so I can remember what they look like, and I'm going to post them here.

Apartment the first:

10:24 a.m. - 2008-08-28

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