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I spend a lot of time on the internet. When I'm working, there are stretches of time when there's nothing to do, or when a file is processing, or printing, or when I'm putting something off so I can think it through. During those stretches I tend to bounce around the internet in a fairly predictable pattern. I go to twitter (you can follow my feed there at the right), I hit cnn.com, jezebel.com, flickr.com (again, upper right corner), deviantart.com, my list of rss-fed blogs, then back through. If I had the balls, I would say "screw you" to my IT guy (who is surely monitoring my ADD with some interest) and update this diary here. But I don't have the balls, and I want to keep this space private, so I don't visit it, mention it, or enter its address into any text fields.

This means that when I run across something interesting or funny, or have a random thought and want to share it, I either post it to facebook, type it into twitter, or keep it to myself. This is too spread out for me, so I'm starting another blog, called f r e e a s s o c i a t e. It's a place for all the randomness.

Feel free to visit anytime. :)

f r e e a s s o c i a t e

10:36 a.m. - 2008-09-05

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