Little Victories

It's the little victories that make a difference, you know. The small things like actually getting out of the chair, or taking that breath, the things that are the first step in a journey. The little victories make the bigger victories possible. Yesterday I got up out of the chair. It took a lot of energy and I almost sat back down again several times. But I did get up, and getting up allowed me to get out the door, and getting out the door allowed me to run my errands, and it was the little thing that did it.

I bought weather stripping to go around my door, to keep the warmth of my apartment in and the smell of my neighbors out. Actually put it up today. Actually built the shelves I bought. Actually, well, I actually need to return those underwear, but, well, whatever. :)

I see this place coming together. Oh yeah! I bought felt for the chair and dresser legs, and now I can get that sheet off the floor. Wee!

So all that's good, but I didn't go to church today, again, and I've decided to actually try to go, but instead of going I decided to stay in bed and cry. Becoming disillusioned is painful. I am encouraged by the protests stemming from the involvement of the church in Prop. 8, and the fact that the church seems to be surprised by how upset people are. Change within the church hasn't historically come without a public outcry from within or without. Polygamy wasn't ended until Utah's potential statehood was threatened, black people weren't given the full rights of membership until the civil rights movement demanded it, and I hope these protests will cause some soul-searching and re-thinking at the highest levels of leadership.

3:34 p.m. - 2008-11-16

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