Because She Said So

When someone tells you something about yourself that you had never even imagined, that wasn't even on your radar of "things about me" or "things I am good (or bad) at," it sticks with you for a long time. Maybe forever. A few years ago, Jen told me in passing that I was better than her at the figure drawing when we took the class together. I had genuinely never even considered this might be the case. I struggled like mad in that class, and felt like I was just awful next to the rest of the more seasoned artists. I felt like their work had more nuance and style, and mine was stiff and careful and totally un-fun, which is how I felt while I was drawing. I felt like I was bad. Very very bad.

Jen's work was beautiful. She has a way of making lines that conveys her emotions; her anger or frustration or joy or fear, and I still feel she's a much better 2D artist than I am. So when she said what she said, I was shocked and confused, and I still don't really believe it. But. I'm much less stressed when I do draw something. Because someone said I could.

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