No More Books

In the grand scheme of things, the bad thing I've been doing ranks somewhere around 'waiting too long to call your mother', so I guess I can't feel too bad about it. I do have to stop doing it, though. The thing I'm doing? Well, I'm making books. At first glance, and for the last few weeks, it seemed like such a good idea. I was making something, I was making some money, and I was making people happy. I like doing all of those things.

The problem with the books is that they're a time-sucking excuse. A very good one. I mean, they bring in money, and I need money! The problem here is that I need a lot more money than these books (or scarves, or hats, or whatever other little handmade thing I could produce) could ever bring in. They're time intensive, and don't have a high margin of return.

You know what has a higher return on my time investment? Finding a new job. The job hunt is less fun than making books, but the return is a change of my life for the better, whereas the books are something that is (barely) tiding me over until the next paycheck.

So, it's off to the websites and job listings and postings I go. No more books. Wish me luck!

12:29 p.m. - 2009-08-26

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