jw - 2006-09-19 15:04:29
Wow. You are amazing. You are just willing to try which is amazing. The point really is to give yourself what you want. I ate pizza, and almost nothing else the whole time n was gone. shrug. You're also amazing to write about it, to analyze it. It's scary and hard to do, but you do it. Can't wait to see you. xoxo
ec - 2006-09-21 12:00:45
okay, so i think this is on the level of peaches-my-psychic material: i read your blog today for the first time in a while, got a little freaked out about the ice cream entries, wondering whether or not i need to come kidnap you and steam you some recovery-broccoli. then i read this article, sent to me for me, ten minutes later [next comment]. ice cream is apparently not the only happiness available to sad lots like us, a.. so kill me for getting concerned, but i think you deserve better.
ec - 2006-09-21 12:01:54
the article, part 1: "Be careful with the idea of 'food addiction' because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you start believing that any food has the power to 'make' you eat it. The words you use when thinking and talking can have major effects on how you actually behave. Sometimes ideas like 'cravings' or 'addictions' take power away from you and place it in the food (something in the food makes you want it) or in some mysterious physiological process (that your body really 'needs' a particular food, like sweets). This is rarely true. Scientists have found that our brains DO react to foods at the chemical level in ways that resemble our responses to drugs (eating makes us feel good and certain foods, like sweets and other carbs, affect brain chemicals to improve mood). But this is NOT the same thing as a true, physiological craving or chemical dependency.
ec - 2006-09-21 12:03:11
part 2: Most of the time, what you really want is pleasure and comfort—not a particular food itself. A common scenario is that a stressor has upset the chemical balance in your brain, and it wants you to do something that will produce other chemical reactions to restore balance.
ec - 2006-09-21 12:03:47
okay, now it won't let me post more. i'll email.

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