jw - 2006-09-28 10:32:47
You can do both, but on your time. Your brother doesn't know what you have on your plate, so you say, yes, I'd love to babysit, but I can't until x time (later that night, tomorrow & you don't need to give the reason), would you still need help then? Or say, I wish I could but now is a bad time for me. Try me again later in the month. There is time in this world to do all of the things you want to do, it's just realizing that YOUR schedule controls your life and when you take on an assignment or calling, you're committing to that schedule. You can always resign if you need to. I have the same problem of feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted and it's usually because I don't really want to do something, but feel that I have to anyway. I don't have to. They can ask someone else. Or, I wish I wanted to, or I wish I had the time to do something, but in reality I don't. I just don't and that doesn't make me a bad person not to have time for everyone and everything. You are awesome, not because you do a lot of stuff, but because you are you.

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