candoor - 2006-11-10 01:28:51
living on the edge as I do from time to time, I've been consuming mass quantities of veggies and vitamins of late in what may be some vain attempt (though I tell myself it's purely for the healthy value) of losing weight... lettuce, spinach, salads every day... I try not to watch the news and keep my cell phone handy in case I start keeling over... anyway, I like people who spread their wings into several diaries just cuz, so hi :)
Zuzu - 2006-11-12 11:57:34
I've never heard this before... is there any evidence, whatsoever, that polygamy and violence are related? I know several people who ascribe to polyamorous lifestyles and not one is violent, that I know of - have never been involved in a family violence, didn't grow up in abusive households, etc. It's so counter to what I've experienced.. you found research to support that polyamory and violence are related? I personally am not "into" the polyamorous lifestyle.. but find it curious.. - Zu

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