C - 2008-06-14 14:09:31
Just to make the load a little easier - most women who work struggle with this. It's not just us, and it's not ONLY because of self esteem. We are tired, we work hard, and when we come home, we don't want to do more work! It's just true. Couples sometimes split the work and that makes it easier (sometimes not), but single women often talk about how guilty they feel that their houses aren't "up to par." PLUS - the single working women who can afford to mostly eat out (read: don't cook) and hire OTHER people to clean for them. You are not alone! And it isn't a character flaw that your house isn't as clean as you want it to be. There may be things underlying everything that ADD to the issue and make it more intense or difficult, but you are not alone. I kind of think we should collectively stand up, say "we work hard and don't have the energy to clean, so bugger off" and then go back to our messy apartments with heads held high.

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