C - 2008-08-11 22:28:30
I think it's great that you are finding your voice and the relationship with the church that you feel is best for you. You go!
ceciliawaxesphilosophical - 2008-08-22 03:12:40
It's so difficult to believe in anything when even the most wonderful leaders are subject to the voices of their egos. Then, we are no longer opening ourselves up to the true God and to possibility but resigning ourselves to fear and worshipping not God but someone else's ego. I never trust anyone who says "listen to me absolutely". I don't personally believe even Jesus Christ or Buddha ever really believed in that themselves. A religious practice is only a path. Not God incarnate. I think it is to be respected and honored when a person can recognize that, use the tools that are presented and otherwise be true to what they know for themselves which is that, ultimately, we all know nothing.

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