Lame Date

Nothing is as bad as you imagine it will be. And no one is as great as you think they might be.

My date was lame. It took me longer to get ready than the damn thing lasted. There was not only an absense of spark, there was the opposite of spark. There was staring off into the distance trying to remember all those small-talk conversation starters and failing miserably. It started with an awkward handshake and ended with an even more awkward hug.

Someone please remind me of this the next time I freak out over meeting some guy? Remind me that he won't be as tall or as interesting or as good-looking as I imagine he will be. Remind me that in the end I will remember that I am an attractive and fun woman and that I will most likely walk away feeling like it was a little bit of a waste of my time.

9:18 a.m. - 2007-02-07

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