Good Company

I see only two tables in this coffee shop, deep in the heart of boy's town, without a laptop. The one without is reading what looks to be a fairly serious paperback. Even the people sitting in the chairs have laptops. The three guys next to me, deep in conversation, are huddled around one. And I'm sitting here, checking my email. I use my laptop as a barrier between myself and the world, a way to make myself feel less alone I suppose. It feels better to be here, alone among all these people, than at home, alone with my cat.

Not that he isn't fantastic company.

Except that the wind scares him.

I'm loving my apartment, except that it wasn't my first choice and now the toilet's refusing to work. I called the management company but it's sunday, so who knows when I'll hear back. I'm here for the restroom just as much as for the free internet.

I'm wishing I brought a few movies.

6:11 p.m. - 2007-09-30

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