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Few things are as unsettling as waking up at four in the morning, having to pee, and knowing your toilet is broken. Which is more information about my life than anyone needs right now.

It's been a rainy dark day, and I feel soft and calm inside. Well, soft. Not totally calm. It's a calm that threatens to scream, as if the slightest meanness would drive me to tears. But in a good way.

Hm. Not making sense.

I'm in the library near my house taking advantage of the free wireless. There's a coffee shop much closer (at the end of the block), but I can't afford a chai latte so I have to put up with the (very) slow connection here. There's a really beautiful man at the table across from me. Not an important point, but worth noting.

I need to go find the lake but the sun's going down.

I'll do it tomorrow.

After I clean my keyboard, which is disgusting.

5:37 p.m. - 2007-10-01

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