New (temporary but still great) Job

The other day I was called about a job, and told to wait. I've been strapped for cash for a while because of the last time she did that, so I was less than confident when she called again. The system she works with is necessary, but scary. She has to find out if I'm available, then present me to the client, then call back and tell me if I got it or not. And since I don't have a trust fund...

She asked if I was available next week and instead of saying "yes see, I'm available because I ended my job because of YOU", I simply said yes. Because I am a nice sweet girl who needs a damn job. As I rode into town today she called again and said the job was mine. Enough money to pay my rent. More than enough. I was so excited I almost couldn't think about it. I felt lost in excited.

Then I got to the assignment downtown and stopped being excited. In fact, I stopped thinking about the new job altogether. I walked into a world of strangeness. STRANGENESS!! I worked all day making calls for an event being thrown by a political lobby. I sat there, listening to them talk about getting this or that person elected to congress, even though they didn't completely do this or that. I guess it would have been alright if I agreed with their platform, but I happen to think that Israel belongs to the Palestinians.

I didn't think about new job excitement until I was almost home...and by then the excitement had subdued. A little.

I have a job!

5:50 p.m. - 2007-10-03

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