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So, yeah. I broke up with him. On April 1st, even...so nice of me to give him that moment of "Wait, is this an April Fool's Joke?" before the crushing realization that yes, I was in fact telling him it was over.

And welcome to May! My apartment needs cleaning, I hate my job, I'm depressed and needy, so not a lot has changed while I've been 'away.' My company cut my salary by a quarter, so to make a little cash I've been making books and I've posted some photos on etsy for purchase. It's a nice way to pass the time, making books. But it's really just a replacement for what I should actually be doing: looking for a new job. I'm just so afraid it will be wasted time, that there are really no jobs out there, that the companies that are looking won't want me, and that I could have used the time doing what I'm doing...making books that people are actually buying. So I took today off and I'm going to do a little of both: I'm going to make a book, and I'm going to apply to a few jobs. And maybe I'll do a little laundry.

10:40 a.m. - 2009-05-11

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