chaosorder - 2007-09-04 12:29:37
Hey, are you *here*? I don't know that I can be that much help on either front, but I know people on both sides (graphic design and/or struggling artist) to talk to...
me - 2007-09-04 12:34:02
I am *here*. In Chicago. Here. And yet in limbo. And I would love any input you or your people could give. :)
cecilia - 2007-09-04 17:50:19
John has to do it too. He doesn't particularly relish teaching and I think would quit given the choice. But he has to feed the family. And painting alone don't do it. Welcome to reality. We meet our dreams one step at a time, we open the door and they gradually come to us. Just like a relationship with someone, a dream doesn't necessarily take the form we'd like it to - which is where gratitude for what we do have available to us becomes important. So you have to ask yourself if your anxiety is just fear standing in the way of accomplishing this PARTICULAR goal which is staying in Chicago (because coming back here would be pointless and you know it) or if it really is your inner voice trying to tell you to take a different route. Listen.
chaosorder - 2007-09-04 18:28:51
Hm. Coffee tomorrow (i.e. Wed) afternoon? What neighborhood are you in?
me - 2007-09-04 19:07:30
Absolutely! I'll be downtown (65wpm makes me a temp agency celebrity), and I can meet you after I'm done there...say around 2 ... 3 ... ?
chaosorder - 2007-09-04 19:22:49
Let's say 3pm. Starbucks (I know, I know...) at 303 W. Madison, on the corner of Franklin and Madison?
me - 2007-09-04 19:38:18
Perfect. I'll meet you there at 3. :)

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