Done and Done. That was easy.

Haha! Wasn't that fun?!? Ah, I love it when I have grand plans and realize I only needed mediocre plans. I've decided that the apartment I looked at today will do just fine, thank you, and I'm not going to look at any others. It's not just good enough, it's lovely, and I have better things to do with my time than to decide between one safe, bright, clean, beautiful apartment and another safe, bright, clean, beautiful apartment. I suppose it's possible this apartment isn't the one bright shining place that will make me happy for the rest of my days, but it's good enough and if I hate it I can always sublet, right?

The apartment is in Uptown. It's within a block or two of several bus lines and the Red line stop, the grocery store is a block away, they're building a Target down the street. It's all good. The only downside is the neighborhood. When I was there this morning (at around 9:30) I came across at least ten drunk-off-their-asses people in the course of my two block walk. TWO BLOCKS. TEN DRUNKS. So, maybe I'll just carry a big stick. Drunks are better than stoners, so there's that. There were a lot of closed store-fronts as well, which is never a good sign, but the streets were clean and the building didn't smell, so I'm sure it'll be fine.

If you'd like to see it again, feel free to visit the video in the last post, and imagine my stuff in there. Plus the cat. The cat whose hair I will no longer have to coax out of the carpet once every three days or so.

Damn carpet.

8:43 p.m. - 2008-08-28

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