The Man on the Street

I moved into this apartment on September 27. After everything had been moved and my helpful friends had left, I went around the place putting up the storm windows. I'm on the third floor, and I could see people on the sidewalk below as I worked. There were three guys leaning against a car just under my windows and as I moved to the next one I noticed one of them staring up at me. I had hoped this wouldn't happen. My neighborhood isn't the greatest. The sun had reflected off my window as I'd moved it and hit his face, and he'd looked up and thought I was just the most lovely thing he'd ever seen in my dirty moving clothes with my greasy hair pulled up into two little blobs at the top of my head. He seemed friendly and sincere enough, so after some serious cajoling, I gave him my number. We went out to dinner that night, and have been dating since then.

So, in answer to Cecilia's question, that's who this is, then.

And now I have a yeast infection. Meh.

8:24 p.m. - 2008-12-04

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